photo Ms. Tatiana- Spanish Instructor

Ms. Tatiana was born and raised in Bolivia. She has a Bachelor´s degree in Geological Engineering and Law and currently pursuing a Master´s degree in Water Engineering and Management at CU Boulder. Ms. Tatiana worked in the public and private sector but also taught in college. She really loves to read books, camping, and doing both at the same time. She also enjoys learning new things in all areas. Ms. Tatiana believes that curiosity leads us to marvelous discoveries. My goal is to work for NASA and lead a Foundation to help people have a better access to safe water. She believes that knowledge is power so mastering two languages definitely provide more opportunities. Let´s go Spanish!

photo Ms. Judith- Spanish Instructor

Ms. Judith was born and rised in Mexico by the beach in the city of Tampico. She holds  a bachelors degree in Geosciences Engineering and has worked across Mexico at the drilling rigs, after 3 years she was transferred to the US and worked as a  Geophysicist. Ms. Judith enjoys traveling especially to places that are not touristy. She knows  Mexico well from north to south and from east to west, and enjoys all their regional dishes. She loves roadtrips and camping. When her family moved from Houston to Colorado, Ms. Judith became a stay home mom. It was here that she found the amazing world of early education and teaching.  She believes that is very important to learn a second language so people can expand and share their culture and knowledge with others. 

photo Ms. Karen- Spanish Instructor

Welcome to Ms. Karen's class, although the little ones  call her Ms. Kay. She is a proud Mexican - American, born in San Diego, CA and raised in beautiful Colorado. Ms. Karen is a mother of 2 little boys. She has an extensive background in sales, marketing, recruiting and business. She studied cosmetology and still does it for friends and family. Her biggest passion has always been to help others.  Ms. Karen believes the root of success is self investment and she strongly believes when a teacher is as invested as the student, as a team they light a bright fire to persevere through all obstacles and accomplish one's dreams and goals. She truly believes a teacher can make a huge and positive difference in students' life. She still remembers her teachers that made the most difference in her life and that is what she wants to give back to the world. 

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. " - Brad Henry.

photo Ms. Mikki- Spanish Instructor

Ms. Micaela was born in Colorado and has been an avid world traveler, including studying abroad in Spain and Mexico. Ms. Galiz has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in French from CSU-Pueblo, and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver. She has been a language arts teacher and a Case Manager/Counselor in educational, non-profit, and government institutions. Micaela loves reading, yoga, Pilates, cooking, and doing agility with her three Chihuahuas. She loves languages and feels they open up a whole new world of communication, excitement and adventure!

photo Ms. Mariana - Spanish Instructor

Ms. Mariana is a very lively young lady from Puerto Rico who is very passionate about education and languages. She has 2 years of experience teaching children, and looks forward to meeting and helping more students. 
Ms. Mariana’s main goal is to create an environment where students can develop their passion for Spanish language and culture. She is an active believer in the student motivation as the main key to learn and the teacher is the one who expands and facilitates their curiosity and interest. In her view, all of this can be achieved by creating the right environment.

photo Ms. Florence - French Instructor

Ms. Florence is a native French speaker from Paris, France. She studied law in France and in the United States, and is currently enrolled in a teacher’s program to teach French as a second language. Ms. Florence is passionate about teaching. She taught French for many years in law school, French Institutes, and children schools. She loves teaching kids the most, and can’t wait to teach your kids!

In her spare time, Ms. Florence loves to cook and bake French food. She runs a French food blog called www.frenchmomcooking.com. She also loves spending quality time with her 2 kids.

Ms. Florence believes in making learning fun, and reaching every child. “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” Ignacio Estrada.

photo Ms. Elizabeth- Spanish Instructor

Hola! Soy Ms. Elizabeth,

Ms. Elizabeth loves the Spanish language and she is very proud of her heritage.  Ms. Elizabeth is originally from Venezuelam, her father was Austrian this was a great gift. Since she was very young she was immersed in two different cultures, traditions and religions. This had helped her to be open to explore the world, the people, their cultures and to learn from them.

Ms. Elizabeth had had the opportunity to live in Spain, Ecuador and in the United States.  Recently her family moved from Florida to Colorado.
She enjoys teaching kids because they are curious, they want to learn, to know, to explore, and have fun. She considers the best way to teach is when the kids can interact. She is very happy to be a part of teaching team at Kiddie Language Academy and to have the opportunity to teach your kids.

Ms. Elizabeth has a Degree in  Mass Media and Communication. She is a YouTuber for the Spanish Speaking Community. Part of her mission is to help others to improve their life in a holistic way. My YouTube Channel name is " Sube la Vibra Revista".

photo Ms. Susana- Spanish Instructor

Welcome to Ms. Susie's class:
A proud Spanish and Cuban American, born in Miami, FL, she is enjoying the change of scenery in the outdoorsy and beautiful Colorado :) Ms. Susie comes from a long line of educators with a passion for language and culture. Since Ms. Susie was a small child herself, she has enjoyed learning new subjects, reading books, helping her mother in  her classroom, or with lesson planning. Ms. Susie also has experience as a Spanish Interpreter for the Colorado Mental Institute, in holistic nutrition and homeopathic remedies, with an associates degree in business, and a long career of sales and product demonstration. Ms. Susie's motto is: "Good things come to those who go out and work for it" She stands by this belief and in all she does she motivates and inspires others to execute their goals through positive perspective, engagement, and environments. One more motto Ms. Susie believes in: "Yes, I can" She inspires others, of all ages to dig deep for will power to get back up and try again after a failed attempt. The most important quality a teacher can posses are detail-oriented observational and listening skills. It means the world to a student of any age to be understood, listened to, and for the teacher to know how to solve an obstacle without focusing on the how and using the why to find a positive and educational solution for long term attainment. 

"You live a new life for every language you speak. If you only know one language you live only once"
-A Czech proverb  

photo Ms. Gabby - Mandarin Chinese Instructor

Ms. Gabriella is a native Chinese speaker. She was born and raised in HongKong, China. She has been in the U.S. for 4 years. Ms. Gabriella is currently a nursing student at CU Anschutz. She has been teaching Mandarin Chinese for two years, and has been a Sunday school teacher for three years. In her free time, she likes cooking, hiking, workingout and spending time with family and her dog. 

Ms. Gabriella is looking forward to working with your children and teaching them Chinese. 


photo Mr. Carlos- Spanish Instructor

 Mr. Carlos Matute was born and raised in Mexico City. He studied Music at The University of Southern California, at The Berkeley School of Music and at The  Sweelinck Conservatorium in the Netherlands. He has worked extensively for more than 20 years as a professional pianist/composer and for four years  as a bilingual Spanish / English interpreter and translator. He believes in the power of multiculturalism as a vehicle that integrates virtues and knowledge from other countries into the community in order to open new perspectives that envigorate the social, economic and cultural status quo. Speaking more languages, as it has been studied, makes us more open-minded and helps us feel more connected to other cultures and the world. He thinks that who knows, maybe even bilingualism can foster world peace and understanding. On a final note, Mr. Carlos is an ardent admirer of art cinema, enjoys reading, and culinary activities.

photo Ms. Summer- Mandarin Chinese Instructor

Ms. Summer is a native Chinese speaker. She was born and raised in Chengdu, China. She graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology in China. (She has been studying ESL since coming to the U.S. ) She has Mandarin Proficiency Test Certificates and she has taught various enrichment classes in Elementary schools in China. In her free time, she likes reading, spending time with family and her friends. She very much enjoys working with children.  She is patient and responsible.

photo Ms. Claudia- Spanish Instructor

Ms. Claudia was born and raised in Chile.  She grew up attending Italian school and is fluent in Italian.  Her later education was devoted to Germann.  In fact, she has taught German in Elementary and High School and worked as an interpreter for German organizations and companies working Chile.  Ms. Claudia has also studied French and speaks a little bit of Portuguese.   She loves to speak different languages, because it opens communication with people of different countries and cultures.  When you know three languages, you can easily pick up your fourth language.    Ms. Claudia is an enthusiastic person and she enjoys her work.