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Kiddie Language Academy (KLA) was created by experienced Early Education and Elementary school teachers and educators to promote language development and cultural awareness.  Our goal is to expose children to a new language in a friendly, playful, and fun atmosphere. KLA curriculum is designed with every type of learner in mind and engages every child.  We play games, sing songs, work on cultural crafts and of course speak only the target language. The core of our curriculum is based on TPR (Total Physical Response) that allows children to explore and learn any language through movement and manipulatives.  Please take a few moments to explore our website and register for a FREE Trial class at any of our schools! 


Our network of schools is constantly growing because of parents and school administators like you. KLA helps hundreds of children every year to become more culturally sensitive, globally aware and get closer to fluency in another language.  If your school is not listed on our website and you would like to see Kiddie Language Academy classes on campus, please contact us.  We will be happy to reach out to school administration and build a new partnership. 


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