Preschool Program- This program is designed for kids 2-5 year old.  This is a perfect fit for an Enrichment Program at any preschool. Classes run between 40-50 minutes and include TPR activities, cultural arts/crafts, and development of listening/speaking and  pre-literacy skills (word tracing, books)


After-School- This program is designed for children in K-8 grade. We offer this option in most Elementary Schools as part of before or after- school enrichment programs. Classes are 50-60 mins long. These classes include all age-appropriate fun activities and continue developing literacy skills in the target language.  Class games build on critical thinking skills, promote healthy competition, and help train memory. 


School Based-  This is a custom built program to fit the needs of any school. We customize the curriculum (to include specific themes), age of students, duration and frequency of the class, and/or any other aspects of the program.


 If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to speak to someone about bringing it to  your school, please contact us


Show classes for:


After School

After School

School Based

school based

After School (7 weeks)

After School program

After School (14 weeks/2 sessions)

After School

After School (13 weeks)

After school

After School (16 weeks)

16 weeks.

Mommy and me class

Class designed for 2-6 year olds. Help at various locations, parents are welcome. 

6 week session

After school program

Academy Tuition

Tuition for Academy

Private Session

Private Classes are designed for individuals with specific curricula and requirements. 

After School (8 weeks)

After school program.


Summer Language Camp

19 week session

19 weeks

Summer Camp (Zoom)

Join us for a 10 week Summer Camp.